Sturmpanzer Shrittmaschine "Mecha 3"

With the introduction of the Mark 3 in 1885, the Prussian Mechanized Infantry became a real force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.
Whilst previous models of these walking-machines had been widely ridiculed by military commentators as both cumbersome and unreliable, the considerably lighter and faster Mark 3 was to prove itself agile and sure of foot on even the roughest terrain.
The stunning Prussian successes in the short conflict with Vulgaria in the Winter of 1886 were due, in no small measure, to the introduction of the Mark 3 and the lack of any established tactics to deal with the "Mechs" or "Mechas", as the walking-machines became popularly known.
The rapid increase in Prussian Mecha numbers was to become a particular worry to the Imperial Army Command in London and further poisoned the already uneasy relationship between Prussia and the Empire.
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