MV "Spark of Vitality"

The Merchant Vessel "Spark of Vitality" is a fine example of the craft often referred to colloquially as 'Sky Puffers'.
As Cavorite became increasingly available throughout Britain and the Colonies, the more entrepeneurial of the independent shipowners were amongst the first to convert their vessels to aeronautic use. The Clyde-built and Glasgow-based "Spark of Vitality" was one of the earliest of these conversions, first taking to the skies in 1851 and becoming a regular visitor to the airdocks of Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool.
Such converted marine vessels became a common sight in Colonial skies around the world. This sizeable fleet of mercantile craft was a key factor in the Empire's economic dominance in the latter years of the century.
Mister Gregory Hotherdike of Rutherglen has been kind enough to supply us with some of his colourful illustrations of the "Spark of Vitality", taken many years ago on an aerial excursion down the River Clyde, and readers are invited to view them at their leisure.